Shahzada Dawood’s Connection to World Economic Forum Debunked Amidst Titan Submersible Tragedy

Shahzada Dawood

In the wake of the tragic incident involving the collapsed Titan submersible, a conspiracy theory emerged on social media linking one of the passengers, Shahzada Dawood, to the World Economic Forum (WEF). However, a closer examination reveals that these claims are unfounded, as Dawood was not the vice chairman of the WEF, as initially suggested. This blog post aims to debunk the misinformation surrounding Shahzada Dawood’s alleged affiliation with the World Economic Forum and shed light on his actual professional background.

False Claims and Misinterpretations

A video circulating on Instagram captured a man speculating about the coincidence of Shahzada Dawood and his son, Suleman, being trapped in the ill-fated submersible and their supposed connection to the World Economic Forum. The man referred to a screenshot of a webpage that falsely depicted Dawood as the WEF’s vice chairman, insinuating a suspicious link between his predicament and the organization.

The Truth Behind Dawood’s Professional Background

Contrary to the claims made on social media, Shahzada Dawood does not hold the position of vice chairman at the World Economic Forum. The screenshot shared on Instagram was likely misinterpreted by the user. In reality, Dawood serves as the vice chairman of Engro Corp., a prominent Pakistani holding company operating in various industries such as fertilizer, food, energy, and liquefied gas. While Engro Corp. is a partner of the World Economic Forum, Dawood’s leadership role lies solely within the company, not the WEF itself.

Engro Corp.’s Affiliation with the World Economic Forum

As a partner of the World Economic Forum, Engro Corp. benefits from participation in WEF centers for networking. The corporation is associated with various WEF centers, including the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chains, Centre for Energy and Materials, and Centre for Nature and Climate. These affiliations highlight Engro Corp.’s commitment to collaborative efforts in driving innovation, sustainability, and environmental consciousness.

Understanding Shahzada Dawood’s Profile

Shahzada Dawood, a British-Pakistani businessman and scion of one of Pakistan’s wealthiest families, holds several significant positions within different organizations. Alongside his role as vice chairman of Engro Corp., he serves as a trustee on the boards of the Engro Foundation and the Dawood Foundation. Furthermore, Dawood holds directorial positions across various companies, showcasing his extensive involvement in the business landscape.

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The World Economic Forum’s Perspective

The World Economic Forum website describes Shahzada Dawood as a prominent figure advocating for the institutionalization of international networks and contacts. He champions a sustainable future and believes in inclusive business models that empower low-income communities by establishing value chains aligned with business interests. While Dawood’s contributions and perspectives are valued within the WEF’s sphere of influence, it is crucial to clarify that he does not occupy a leadership position within the organization.


In light of the recent tragedy involving the Titan submersible, misinformation began to circulate regarding Shahzada Dawood’s alleged role as the World Economic Forum’s vice chairman. This blog post has effectively debunked these claims, clarifying that Dawood’s professional association lies with Engro Corp., not the WEF. It is essential to approach social media information with caution and verify facts through reliable sources. Accurate reporting and responsible information-sharing contribute to fostering a better-informed society.

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