Tom Hanks Discusses AI’s Potential to Extend His Film Legacy beyond Death

Adam Buxton Podcast

In a recent interview on The Adam Buxton Podcast, legendary actor Tom Hanks revealed his fascination with the possibilities that artificial intelligence (AI) technology holds for the film industry. Hanks expressed his belief that AI could allow actors to continue appearing in movies even after their demise, bringing forth a new era of posthumous performances.

Hanks acknowledged that the technology has progressed to a point where he could pitch a series of films in which he would star, appearing perpetually at the age of 32. He highlighted the transformative capabilities of AI and deep fake technology, enabling anyone to recreate themselves at any age. Reflecting on his own mortality, Hanks mused that while he could be struck by a tragic accident tomorrow, his performances could live on indefinitely.

The versatile actor emphasized the astonishing realism that AI-driven portrayals could achieve. He noted that viewers would have no discernible indication that they were not watching him perform in the flesh, raising questions about the significance of authenticity in filmmaking.

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Currently collaborating with acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis for the upcoming film Here, Hanks disclosed that he would likely utilize AI technology to de-age himself for the role. This decision brings to the forefront an important consideration: Would audiences accept and embrace the implementation of AI in film productions?

As the technology progresses, Hanks revealed that discussions are underway within Hollywood guilds, agencies, and legal firms to establish frameworks that protect the intellectual property rights of actors’ faces and voices. Contracts are being drafted to address the legal ramifications surrounding the use of AI to replicate actors’ likenesses in future productions.

Tom Hanks’ insights shed light on the intriguing intersection between AI technology and the entertainment industry. While the concept of posthumous performances raises profound questions about the nature of art and identity, it also paves the way for a potential revolution in filmmaking, promising to immortalize beloved actors for generations to come.

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